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5 Keys for a Social Media Content Strategy That Converts

5 Keys for a Social Media Content Strategy

By now, many of us know that being a successful brand means having a solid social media presence. Still, if you’re spending time posting and simply not seeing results, it might be time to sit down and curate a social media content strategy that aligns with your customers.

Following these 5 simple tips, you’ll know what to post to get the results you deserve, meaning more chances to attract your ideal audience, build community and convert followers to loyal customers.

1. Define your Mission and Purpose

Very few businesses have taken the time to write down a well-crafted and compelling mission statement. This alone is a simple tool to ensure everything associated with your business holds human value, fulfils a purpose, or solves a problem. Truly understanding your mission and knowing why your organisation exists in the world is the first step in delving deeper to create meaningful content and build a marketing strategy.

2.  Identify your Ideal Customer

Posting content without knowing your audience is like talking to yourself, and this just won’t do in the competitive social media space, this won’t do! Start with determining the demographics of your ideal customer – age, location occupation etc; before researching to discover what makes them tick. Find out what they think and feel, what they want and need and what they like and dislike. It often helps to create audience personas, allowing you to think of them as real people and deliver precisely what they desire.

3. Develop your Unique Value Proposition

Once you’ve got to know your customer, it’s time to connect the dots and develop your unique value proposition. Explain how your product or service solves a customer’s problems or improves their situation, and importantly know why they should choose you over a competitor. Understanding what makes your product or service different is key to attracting your ideal customer if you’re wanting to stand out in a saturated industry and be a social media star.

4. Pin Down your Content Pillars

Content pillars are the most relevant topics for your target audience that communicate your brand’s mission and values whilst inspiring, educating or entertaining your followers. By sticking to 3-5 concise pillars, you can remain focused on adding value to your customers while putting your own unique stamp on the social media space. 

5. Curate Content that Aligns

Armed with this expertise, it’s time to start creating content that aligns with your customer. Use your content to tell an engaging story about your brand with a mixture of imagery, videography and copywriting that speaks to the core values of your ideal customer. Understand the emotional appeal and the key drivers behind every piece of content; knowing why it would compel a customer to engage with your social media page what about it makes them want to purchase. 

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