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We understand that your website is an essential part of your business. That’s why we commit to delivering a digital platform that not only reflects the essence of your brand but also effectively engages and converts your ideal customers 🎯

We help Brisbane brands to maximise their online potential with premium Web Design solutions.

UX/UI Design

Experience seamless UX/UI Design with our transparent process: we submit the design wireframe for your approval before any building begins, ensuring a perfect match to your vision with no surprises.

High Performing

Experience lightning-fast load times, optimal functionality, and a seamless user journey, all crafted to elevate your brand's online impact.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom-built solutions, API's and data integrations for a seamless connection with your existing CRM and third-party platforms, ensuring a fully connected

Fully Supported

Enjoy peace of mind with our fully supported website service, encompassing reliable web hosting, robust security, full website maintenance and regular content updates as required.

Our Latest Project

Australian Counselling Association

The ACA, with its 15,000-strong membership base, confronted significant challenges due to their outdated website. Members experienced a cumbersome user journey, with difficulty in locating information and in renewing memberships due to the website’s antiquated design and subpar performance.

Our Solution: Redevelopment strategy was implemented, with a solution that is not just a visual upgrade; but a complete reimagining of ACA’s online presence. The new WordPress site will boast a modern, professional design that resonates with ACA’s brand identity and vision, with a significantly enhanced user experience.

Central to this transformation is a thorough overhaul of the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design. The new site significantly enhances user interaction, streamlining processes for information retrieval and membership renewal, while introducing additional features and functionalities to meet the evolving needs of ACA’s members. The new site is also completely mobile responsive.

ACA’s website revamp features a seamless integration with their Members Portal, enhancing user experience for its 15,000 members. This integration combines a modern design with efficient functionality, streamlining access to information, profile management, and membership renewals, perfectly aligning with ACA’s commitment to professional and efficient member service.

The ACA’s new Single Sign-On feature, streamlines access for its members, simplifying the login process, allowing seamless navigation between the website and member-specific areas.

Specialised search functions with custom taxonomies, significantly enhancing information retrieval and counsellor listings. This feature allows for more precise and efficient searches and an accessible online experience for its community.

Compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for disability accessibility. This  ensures an inclusive and accessible web experience for all members, reflecting ACA’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity in their digital presence.

ACA’s new website has been designed with SEO optimisation at its core, enhancing visibility and searchability. This strategic enhancement ensures the site ranks higher in search results, making it easier for members and the public to access vital information and resources.

Recent Projects

Myco Superfoods

WooCommerce site tailored for a start-up specialising in Medicinal Mushroom Supplements. The project centred around creating a modern, user-friendly interface that is fully mobile responsive and high converting. This design approach aimed to cater to the dynamic needs of online shoppers while highlighting the unique qualities of the product range.

Special attention was given to showcasing the diverse product range and simplifying the ordering process. The layout is intuitively structured, ensuring that detailed product information and FAQ’s are readily accessible, to help buyers make an informed purchase decision. Enhancing the overall shopping experience was at the core of the design, with a focus on clarity, ease of navigation, and streamlined transaction and check out processes.

The mobile responsive design of this WooCommerce site ensures a seamless shopping experience across all devices. Recognising the growing trend of mobile commerce, the site’s layout, images, and navigation elements dynamically adjust to fit various screen sizes and resolutions. This adaptability not only enhances usability and accessibility for mobile users but also contributes to capturing and retaining the attention of the modern, on-the-go consumer.

The site’s Product Subscription feature offers customers hassle-free monthly auto top-ups of their supplements, ensuring a continuous supply with minimal effort. This convenient service enhances customer loyalty while also increasing organic conversions.

The site features a Loyalty Rewards Program where customers earn points with every purchase, fostering increased retention rates. This program incentivises repeat business by rewarding customer loyalty, turning each transaction into an opportunity for future savings and benefits.

Custom integrations with third-party CRM and Marketing platforms, enhancing customer relationship management and targeted marketing strategies. These integrations allow for streamlined data syncing and customer flows, providing valuable insights for personalised marketing funnels.

Melt at Elbow Valley

WordPress site tailored for a Holiday Accommodation provider. The focus was on delivering a modern and clean design aesthetic, complemented by an efficient booking system. This system is seamlessly integrated with leading third-party aggregator sites, ensuring a smooth and convenient booking experience for guests while maximising the property’s visibility and accessibility.

We prioritised a mobile responsive design, recognising the importance of mobile accessibility in today’s travel market. This approach not only caters to the needs of on-the-go travellers but also enhances the property’s appeal by making information and booking services accessible anytime, anywhere.

The site features an integrated booking system, which is synchronised with leading third-party aggregator sites like This integration ensures that customers have the flexibility to book directly through the website while maintaining real-time availability. The synchronised calendar prevents double bookings and streamlines the reservation process, while also providing a ‘book direct’ option for guests.

Implementation of a secure and efficient payment gateway, providing guests with a smooth and trustworthy transaction experience. This gateway supports a variety of payment methods, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users from different regions.

Client Testimonials

"The Mantle team did a fantastic job designing our online store. The design, user experience and navigation is excellent. Project was delivered on time and the team were great to work with.”
Andrew Thompson
“Our old site was archaic and performing poorly. The new site built by Mantle has significantly increased our reservations and function bookings for our venue. Very happy. ”
Scott Hogan
“The whole process from start to finish was seamless and we are super happy with our new website. The team delivered above and beyond expectations, thank you!”
Cassie La

Our Web Design Packages

Our Packages serve as a guide to our pricing framework, offering a glimpse into the value we provide. For a tailored quote that precisely fits your unique requirements we invite you to connect with us to discuss your project.

Business Basics Package

5K $ Up to 5 Content Pages
  • Standard WordPress Site
  • Pre-Build Design Wireframe
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Basic SEO Optimisation
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Professional Business Package

10K $ Up to 12 Content Pages
  • WordPress/ WooCommerce
  • Professional UX/UI Design
  • Up to 5 Product Listings
  • Standard SEO Optimisation

Commercial/ Corporate Package

POA $ Large Commercial sites
  • WordPress/ WooCommerce
  • Professional UX/UI Design
  • Upgraded SEO optimisation
  • Custom Development

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We understand that your website is a vital part of your business. That’s why we commit to delivering a digital platform that not only reflects the essence of your brand but also effectively engages and converts your target audience.

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